Shooting a music video on a budget (#2)

As promised, here’s a follow-up to my previous post on shooting your music video on a budget. This time, let’s talk ideas!

  1. Cheap doesn’t mean bad
    So, we needed to shoot some ice cream melting. We found a few good stock videos as well, but as this is the topic of the post: we’re on a budget. So what do you do? Easy solutions are sometimes the best: we just used some watery ice cream, added a blowdryer to the mix and voila, we had beautiful video footage!
  2. Shoot different angles of the same scene
    If you’re on a budget, always make sure to shoot the same scene from different angles (well, even if you’re not you might want to do that). This will help you while making cuts in your final video and will keep your video fresh and interesting!
  3. Colour correct like it’s out of style
    You know Photoshop? Ever colour-corrected an image? Do the same with your video footage – this will give you a more unified and professional look. Make sure that there aren’t any major colour differences between your shots, adjust light levels etc.
  4. No idea for locations? Pack your car and go!
    If you’ve got no idea where you could shoot – why not make that fun? Just pack all the stuff you think you might need and drive around looking for interesting locations! You won’t believe the kind of cool houses, lakes, rivers, streets, walls etc that are so close to where you live that you probably wouldn’t have thought about using one of them as a backdrop for your music video!

Again, some more pointers and as always – HAVE FUN 😉