Shooting a music video on a budget (#1)

We where shooting the music video for my upcoming single “Sommer” lately and there’s a few tips that I can give after doing that! As with many artists, my budget was severly limited, basically down to non-existent. So what can you still do and how do you achieve it you ask? Here we go!

  1. Have some kind of storyboard
    This helps you shape your music video as you shoot and it also gives you some kind of reference as to what shots are needed and – more importantly – which props are needed
  2. Get a friend to help you
    While possible, shooting a video alone is hard – you’d always have to check whether your position is right, whether light is right etc.
  3. Think outside the box
    Which everyday items can you use to make things look cooler? Is there anything in your home/your friends home that you could use?
  4. Special effects don’t have to be expensive
    There’s a load of good tutorials on youtube and other sites that you could check. Sometimes an effect is pretty easy to achieve and using it might make the difference!
  5. And last but not least: HAVE FUN!
    You might not have a big budget, but you can certainly have loads of fun while filming – and people will feel that!

I hope these were a few good pointers – I will follow this post up with more ideas later on!

You can watch the result of my shoot in around 2 weeks 😉