Christmas was, is and will be!

As christmas is around the corner I decided to write a song for you to enjoy!Listen to "Christmas Is" on my music page, munch some cookies, cuddle up and enjoy this christmas season!Don't miss out on any updates for my...READ MORE

Out with the old - in with the new!

This is more kind of heads-up, but well - I just wiped all the old songs from the music section and will continue to add previews of the new, finished songs as soon as they are done!READ MORE

Song preview of "Boom Boom Boom" is online!

What a week, what a week...I spent the last week recording and mixing and I'm proud to put up a preview of my newest song "Boom Boom Boom"!I hope you guys enjoy listening as much as I did making it!Just head over to the...READ MORE

New album in the making!

As there isn't that much new to listen to at the moment, I just put up some photos of the production work I'm doing - hope you enjoy them!READ MORE