Fireflake @Humanitarian Concert TODAY!

This may be of extremely short notice - not only for you, but also for me - I was asked yesterday to play today at the Humanitarian Concert at 'The Sign' (Liechtensteinstr. 104-106, 1090 Wien). I will be starting at around...MEHR

acousticClub, yesterday

Thanks to everyone cheering for me and the other artists at yesterday's acousticClub! I put up some photos in the media section, I also got a video, but it's kinda dark - nonetheless, I'll see to it what I can get out of...MEHR

acousticClub, 07.10.2008 - Lineup

I just recieved the lineup for tomorrow's acousticClub (not the actual order of playing): - Bella- Teresa S.- Denja- Junery Seven- Melissa Üregen- Robert Frittum- Fireflake- Bernhard Krisper See you there!FireflakeMEHR

Hitradio Ö3 Soundcheck '08

For all the people enjoying my music, here's another chance for you to hear it: OE3 Soundcheck '08 - Fireflake Check it out!FireflakeMEHR