Writing/Producing/Mixing "Ghost"

As the release for my upcoming single "Ghost" is only a few days away, I wanted to give you some background information on the whole writing/producing/mixing process.

Writing "Ghost" proved to be quite interesting. The concept of two "hearts beating inside one's body" always fascinated me. Maybe that's due to the nature of being an artist, but often it feels like there are two sides to people, one side that you get to know during a casual conversation and one that you get to know by spending more time with that person. Some might want to call that soul, spirit, ying and yang - since this is nothing that you can really grasp, "Ghost" seemed like a fitting title to me.

I tried to incorporate changes in instrumentation, mix and lyrics as the two personas talk to each other, one taking over the other and "winning" in the end. 

From a song production perspective, this has to be the most "commercially produced" song yet. Parts have been recorded at Miloco Studios (London), Percussion have been done by Fabian Aschenbrenner (Austria), the song was mixed in my own studio and has been mastered at Abbey Roads Online Mastering (London).

Again, I can only say thanks again to everyone who joined in on the production of that song!