Florian Aschenbrenner

Artist, songwriter, producer and dancer Fireflake makes music that blurs the lines between Pop, Hip-Hop and Orchestra Ensemble. His unique sound with its memorable lines and rich melodies captures Pop and Musical fans alike.

Born in Austria and living in London for several years, Fireflakes taste for epic music was fuelled by musicals and Jim Steinman‘s writing, while his interest in Pop was nurtured by the likes of Justin Timberlake, Mika, Peter Fox, and Jason Derülo.

Being an advocate of not doing everything by the book, he started coming up with ideas and concepts as early as the age of ten, when he began writing and recording his first songs, selling them straight out of his rucksack.

Having paved his way early on, Fireflake has come a long way – releasing his first commercial solo album Lipsync in 2011, which features him as writer, singer, producer and mix engineer. His recent works include singles like Ghost (2013) and Popsicle (2014), while an eagerly awaited new album release is scheduled for Fall 2015.

Fireflake is back on stage with his new program „(No) Strings Attached“ and immediately picks up where „Lipsync“ left. „(No) Strings Attached“ presents both evo- and revolution - mixing up remixes, originals and new songs.

His performances, ranging from busking in parks to playing at venues like Arena Wien, sparked a fascination with dancing and the ways it supports, yes sometimes even succeeds what can be said and sung. Realizing this potential, he teamed up with professional dancers to create an immersive experience, which brought his Lipsync CD presentation to life, featuring a fully choreographed show that left the audience gasping for more.

No matter where his journey is about to take him, there’s that one place Fireflake calls home: the stage – the excitement, the people, the lights going out and him standing in front of the crowd turning the whole house into a big, pumping party.

If you want to contact me for bookings etc just drop me a line at florian(at)fireflake.at!